Massage Therapy For Couples

Thai Couples Massage

Bonnie Gibson is a licensed massage therapist, body-worker and educator. She has more than 10 years experience in various modalities, body-work and energy healing. With her busy life as a therapist, teacher, new wife and mother of two adolescents, she has created these workshops with the full experience, understanding and importance of enhancing and maintaining the loving connection of partnership.

Just imagine how it would feel to come home at the end of the long day to your partner eagerly awaiting to stretch you lovingly on the carpet or cushy mat. This is what can happen for you after taking this introductory class in the gracious and gentle world of Thai massage. Thai massage is an ancient Thai tradition—a blending of massage, acupressure points, assisted stretching (similar to assisted yoga). Included are practices in creating a warm and loving connection through atmosphere, lighting candles, incense, etc. Come prepared with loose comfortable clothing, blankets, and pillows for each of you. An opportunity to renew, enhance and reconnect in this loving and gracious way awaits.

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Bonnie Gibson
Licensed Massage Therapist
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