Sclerology and Iridology

The eyes are often referred to as the windows of our souls. They sometimes reveal if we are angry or lying or in love. Our eyes often reflect the state of our well being. For instance, our eyes may water, appear dull or the whites (called the sclera) may be very red when we are tired or ill. In fact, the eyes are maps of the body that can be used to access the state of organs, glands and systems of the body.

Iridology/sclerology are highly accurate tools that assist in understanding the genetic blueprints or inherited potential for health problems (iridology) and assist in understanding the current condition of the organs in the body (sclerology). These studies have been developing since the early 1800's and are similar to reflexology or the map of the body on the hand or foot. They differ, of course, because the eye cannot be manipulated for treatment.

Sclerology or the study of the hard, firm fibrous outer coat of the eye known as the white of the eye (or sclera) is one of the principal tools used at Natural Wellness Point.

A trained professional can look at the map of the eye and determine a relationship between the symptom and the problem. This relationship is generally overlooked by other disciplines.

A digital image of the eye is captured onto a computer to maximize clarity of the image, so as to understand how they may relate to body wellness.

Here are some examples of what may be seen in the Sclera:

  • Stress and congestion of any significance in many areas of the body.
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Cardiovascular, liver, and other organ markers
  • Heart attack or stroke markers
  • Sugar metabolism disorders
  • Effect of X-Ray, microwaves on body tissues
  • The efficiency of a given therapy through time, healing signs

    What can I expect from my appointment?
    Observation of the blood vessels, origin, meander, direction, intensity of color and specific angles or colorations may show percieved activity in certain organs. By understanding this activity and its correlation to lifestyle awareness may contribute to a healthier prospect.

    The study of the iris and sclera are intended for observation purposes only. They are not intended as diagnostic analysis or other means which only a medical doctor can perform. The practitioners are not making any claims whatsoever regarding diagnosis or treatments for the clients. The iridologists have studied under Helen Tart Jensen, David J. Pesek,Ph.D. (Holistic iridology), Leonard Mehlmauer (Grand Medicine), Denny Johnson

    References: D. Daniele Lorito, John Andrews, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Deck, Ameses and others.

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