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“It’s About Me”—Body detailing at the Health Center in Hollywood, Florida.

The home office for Natural Wellness Point is located in the heart of the Hollywood, Florida business district. Energies are high in our facility as it is also the home of the Arts Academy of Hollywood where children of all ages are enlightened with dance, music and art. We constantly blend these positive energies as we design, build and develop our unique programs that are used internationally. The engineers at Pivot Entertainment record and reproduce our programs.

Health is Wealth, Annonymous

These are the services we provide in Hollywood:

  1. We conduct alternative health and wellness seminars for the local community on an on-going basis drawing from experts in their field to provide the latest research on exciting and helpful topics.
  2. We have various therapies available on an appointment basis including iridology, sclerolgy, various massage techniques including Swedish, Thai, deep tissue and Shiatsu, aqua detox treatments, reflexology, Reiki, craneosacrel, acupuncture, aromatherapy and others.
  3. We offer health oriented entertainment programs titled Girls Night In and Girls Night Out—a stellar program for “best friends” to gather, have fun while learning about their health.
  4. We host a “singles” event on a bi-weekly schedule so that people of like minds can meet for stimulating conversation and organic snacks.
  5. Sclerology and iridology readings are conducted by appointment to learn what the body is saying.
  6. An organic juice bar, called Juice Appeal, is open 7 days a week to provide absolutely fabulous salads, wraps and juices that heal and energize the body.

The benefits for each individual include:

  1. We have been in the health and wellness business for over 20 years and excel in relating up-to-the-minute information to each individual via seminars and therapeutic treatments.
  2. Our staff includes professional trainers, educators, doctors, therapists and more that will provide unequalled service in a people friendly manner.
  3. CDs and written materials are provided to continue the learning process even after the seminar or therapeutic session.
  4. We work with groups as small as 8 and as large as 100.
  5. We travel to your home with the Girls Night In activities including an organic dinner selection.
  6. We are easily accessible 7 days a week once a date or appointment has been scheduled.
  7. Our ideas are timely—health and wellness using alternative means is an excellent way to reduce your constantly rising insurance costs!
  8. We provide an outstanding organic juice bar for every appetite!
  9. Individual therapeutic sessions are offered to assist the body in healing itself.

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