Who's Behind Our Health and Wellness Programs?

Natural Wellness Point is a cutting edge multi-faceted company based in Hollywood, Florida that focuses on health and wellness education in all of its endeavors including team building, seminars, therapies, entertainment and more. Natural Wellness Point is owned and operated by Lawrence Cazan Cassini.

Lawrence Cazan Cassini

Originally from Zimbabwe, Lawrence Cazan Cassini served as a successful top level executive to an international tobacco corporation for many years. Mr. Cassini supervised over 300 employees internationally and traveled throughout 20 countries in South America, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and 2 African Dialects.

Despite his many business successes... a traumatic event forced him to re-evaluate his priorities in life. As a result, Mr. Cassini has been devoted to Alternative Health and Preventive Care since 1984, including Reiki, Nutrition and Mind Body Technology. He currently specializes in Self Awareness and Personal Growth with an emphasis on developing the power within us. Come to this outstanding workshop and learn why many Fortune 500 executives leave this seminar feeling exhilarated.

Understanding The Bigger Picture

Discover the importance of the Body, Mind and Spirit relationship. Learn about the important messages our bodies give us and how understanding them can lead to weight loss, smoking cessation and the alleviation of everyday stresses and ailments. This, among other interactive workshops will leave you feeling more fulfilled and empowered.

Natural Wellness Point is a subsidiary of Laralaan Health Systems.

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